Solve Treats All Travelers as a VIP

Airport travel can be a long drawn out process for those individuals that are flying to international locations as well as domestic flight. Solve has developed a service that treats all clients traveling like a celebrity with VIP status. A travel concierge assists with baggage, connecting flights as well as help with any immigration documents and getting through security in an expedient manner. Shopping and lounge experience is also tailored to customize your own individual needs.

The Process

Once you arrive at one of the 470 airports participating with Solve you will be welcomed by your own personal concierge. An airport concierge greets you with a sign with your name on it to allow you to know that they are there for you. This person will make sure that you get to your check in and that all seating arrangements and any special needs accommodations are met. They also assist you in getting to the front of the line when your flight is departing. After departing, when you arrive at your destination another agent will meet you at the gate of your arrival and from there they will help with fast track immigration process to get you in and out in a timely manner versus waiting in the tireless lines that can take hours. This takes time away from your travel plans. In some destinations ground travel can also be arranged but all inquiries must be made in advance.

Lounges and Shopping

If you have a connecting flight Solve can help you to find an airport lounge area and if you are enrolled in specific loyalty programs they can help you to be aware of the specific lounge areas that offer special programs for you. When shopping at the shops in airports abroad, it can be difficult to determine how much things will costs and tailor which shops will best suit your needs and also give you information regarding any duties that would be required.