Is an Air Travel Concierge Service Worth Using?

2If you are someone who travels a lot for business, you may have been recommended to use an air travel concierge service to help you get through various airports on time.

Are these air travel concierge services worth your while, however, or are they just a waste of money compared to any benefits you may gain?

Saving time — One of the best things about air travel concierge services is they do save you a lot of time getting through an airport. Whether it is time saved going through customs, or time saved when you are on a layover and transferring from one plane to another.

A good air travel concierge service will get you through customs far faster than you could do so on your own, and also meet you off one plane and take you to another one on a typical layover. This allows your travel to be much more stress-free, and far less likely to have problems.

Arrivals become convenient — Arrivals can be stressful and annoying as you will often have meetings arranged soon after you get to a city

A good air travel concierge service will meet you at the gate, get you through customs and to your bags and out into a taxi in no time at all. In some cases, you can save an hour or more compared to what you would normally spend waiting in line if you did it all yourself.

Car hire help — If you need to hire a car when you arrive in a city, a air travel concierge service will do that for you.

Then, when you arrive, they will meet you at the gate and take you immediately to your car. You could be driving out of the airport 15 minutes after landing.

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